About Us

Welcome to BEULAH MEDIA Limited, your premier solution expert dedicated to turning dreams into reality. Over the years, Beulah Media Limited has been a beacon of inspiration, driven by agile practices and successful execution of projects for esteemed partners like Names Lexicon, Agile Masters, Restscene, and many more. Our core belief is in transforming aspirations into tangible solutions, embracing the modern era of digitization, and adding value to your innovations and ideas to make them a reality.

At Beulah Media Limited, our specialization lies in assembling dynamic teams for digital projects and delivering them within agreed-upon timelines. Our commitment doesn't stop there. Beulah Media goes the extra mile by crafting a corporate brand portfolio for your product, elevating its corporate identity to global standards. We provide stunning graphics, montages, videos, and modern marketing materials to enhance your product's image and value.


BEULAH MEDIA, initially incorporated on the 5th of August 2010 in Africa with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission as a Private Company Limited by Shares, embarked on a significant expansion journey. On January 3rd, 2017, we were incorporated with the American Delaware Secretary of State as a corporation, maintaining a similar share capital base.

Today, BEULAH MEDIA, operating from its World Trade Center office in New York, proudly holds equity shares in various tech-development companies and products. We actively contribute to their growth and development. These include prominent entities such as agilemasters.org, nameslexicon.com, restscene.com, and we have ambitious plans to add more to our diverse portfolio.

As a corporation dedicated to fostering growth and development, we empower a wide range of clientele, from corporate and governmental organizations to private individuals and potential investors, with innovative digital solutions. Our commitment extends to delivering high-quality outputs that meet the ever-evolving demands of the competitive corporate landscape and the marketplace.

BEULAH MEDIA's core operational structure focuses on implementing solutions for our esteemed clients.

Note From The Administrator

Festus A. Otabor
Administrator/Product Manager

Goals: We all have GOALS in life – countries want to advance their economies and/or defend their territories; businesses want to keep their market shares, expand their operations, and retain the right staff; individuals aspire to grow into their desired lifestyle or profession and make the most of their lives – at every point of our existence, we all are in pursuit of certain GOALS.

As a company, we have discovered that while we enthusiastically pursue our goals, we often forget to momentarily hold our breath in critically examining our goals, reviewing, and cleaning up parts and pieces in them. We do this not necessarily because we would not make them, but simply because we are always in a hurry to see their ends.

Pondering on these words – “It is good to have an end in a journey, but the journey also matters a lot in the end”, we realized that undertaking this corporate journey was not by chance but was out of thought-out plans that we knew how to achieve from the onset. Gabrielle Bonheur of ‘Coco Chanel’ said: “if you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” We could not but allow our wings to grow while we savor future possibilities of using them to fly above our dreams.

The Beulah Media Limited Public Launch of its product lines is a ‘test of the waters’ to fly our growing wings into expanding our privileges and developed platforms that proffers wider mileages to respective individuals, businesses, trade and investment opportunities globally.

In 2020 we created a formal sustainability department within Beulah Media. The addition of this new department has helped to unify and support efforts across our entire organization even when there were already dedicated sustainability teams within our individual brands. This coordinated approach to sustainability across all our brands will help us achieve progress across numerous fronts.

As we birth from countries of diverse opportunities with a design to allow you “Our Clientele” make decisions of patronage, it is our desire that every of our corporate offerings represents a one-stop compendium for your investment, trade, and general economic decision. As our efforts to help drive change and to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable, and more inclusive world for everyone get recognized, we remain focused on delivering exceptional service to our clients as a focal point of our corporate GOALS.



Our vision is to serve as a guiding light for innovators and inventors in the realm of digital products and services, turning their visionary ideas into tangible reality.


We are dedicated to creating significant opportunities for organizations, brands, and businesses to forge transformative partnerships that enable the development of new products and elevate their presence in the modern market landscape.


Our fervor lies in harnessing a wide array of implementation strategies to promote industry growth and foster societal engagement, spanning individuals, corporations, and nations alike.


Guided by an accomplished management team deeply rooted in the principles of Agile, Beulah Media excels in executing tasks with utmost effectiveness and efficiency. Our workforce comprises exceptionally skilled professionals who work seamlessly in coordinated teams. This strategic network of operations is meticulously designed to ensure the highest level of professionalism in every facet of our daily proceedings. It is this wealth of competence that forms the bedrock of our company's commitment to delivering excellence in every output.


1. To assist our clientele in crafting practical and actionable roadmaps that prioritize continuous iteration and development..

2. To devise effective revenue-generation strategies for products and devise methods for ensuring products remain in sync with modern market trends, thereby outshining competitors.

3. To address and overcome challenges faced by our clients in reaching their target markets. We achieve this by creating products that fulfill market needs across various industries, including governmental, small-scale, large-scale, corporations, and individual entities.



Beulah Media actively engages in constructive dialogue with stakeholders to learn which topics are most important to them and to help the company prioritize issues and take action where appropriate. These stakeholders include employees, customers, stockholders, business partners and suppliers, as well as society at large (governments, regulatory authorities, nongovernmental organizations, industry groups and multilateral organizations).



As an integral part of our ongoing dedication to fostering industrial growth in diverse nations, we firmly believe that enriching communities contributes to bolstering workforce productivity across various industry sectors. This, in turn, elevates the quality of services and outcomes, creating a ripple effect on societal and behavioral values that aim to inspire and transform both emerging and seasoned minds across various demographics.
In alignment with our emphasis on Agile methodologies for achieving tangible results and proven success stories from industries that have embraced Agile practices, and recognizing the increasing demand for expertise in today's highly competitive and ever-evolving job market, BEULAH Media is wholeheartedly committed to directing our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts towards offering scholarships. These scholarships are designed to equip and empower young individuals, recent college graduates, and professionals with AGILE proficiency.
Our commitment extends to improving workplace operations through Agile transformation initiatives that empower our target audience. These initiatives include Free or Subsidized Scholarship Programs facilitated through www.agilemasters.org. Additionally, we provide internship opportunities that enable young talents to participate in our diverse projects, gaining practical and actionable experience that prepares them for future success.


Our corporate head operation is currently networked from a location known as global center of technological innovation at the site of technology-focused institutions, positioned around home to many global technology companies in the South San Jose Bay Area of California with an estimated GDP of about $400 billion (Silicon Valley) with our training development center at the World Trade Center, New York-NY, all in a country with diverse possibilities and global authority – the United States of America. Hence, other active liaison network centers of the company get established in significant nations that virtually possess some level of skills within different continent, which gives us some leverage as an authority in the industry we serve. However, we also enable a working environment that supports excellent business development built on a healthy relationship that transcends the labor market.


Beulah Media proffers exceptional solutions that add socio-economic value to individuals, corporations, and brands.


BML stimulates a team-spirit working relationship over our business engagements.


Led by a group of seasoned business executives and an experienced management team, BML is saddled with the responsibility to proffer its services through these product lines:



An online certification and interactive learning platform that improves the career prospect of both intending and existing Agile professionals. We focus on getting individuals and teams Agile Savvy & Certified while increasing productivity levels, availing openings for practical learning experiences, building better leaders, and enable timely access to our Agile Professional network.
Today’s organizations seek unmatched high-end productive employees who will deliver just-in-time-quality-value for their organization.
AGILE MASTERS offers Agile Master Certified, Scrum Master Certified, Product Owner Certified and Scrum Developer Certified training programs. The registrant gains cutting edge prowess upon certification and positions themselves as first choice for employment or professional development.


NAMES LEXICON.com is a human researched data platform designed for the curious to find uniqueness in names; their pronunciation, origin, meaning, and personality traits. This platform offers individuals a social networking experience where namesakes get connected to explore similarities, celebrate differences, and plan virtual hangouts while making the world a better place.
We believe some individuals may take exceptions to their discoveries. Names Lexicon ensures that this publicly accessible platform features human verified information analyzed over time to guide and enable different public and private individuals as well as formal or informal institutions. Thus, Names Lexicon is designed for the curious relative, friend, acquaintance, or colleague to find out how names affect individual personalities and productivity.


RESTSCENE is a premier destination for all online accommodation sourcing | hosting and travel experience networking needs. Finding the perfect accommodations in best convenience and trying to connect with travels without any sense of proposed destinations certainties prior, can sometimes frustrate travel experiences.
Hence RESTSCENE, an e-robust hosting platform that brings convenience | choice | connection right to the fingertips for all potential guests to have pleasurable travel experiences, while enabling hosts elevate their guest management skills and become exceptional hosts, all in the convenience of just clicks on their devices.
Whether you're an avid globetrotter | frequent business traveler | simply seeking adventure or passionate hosts,RESTSCENE is designed to meet unique and unforgettable travel experience with its one-stop e-destination for all



Our ethics are drawn from a working environment with high standard morals and motivation that drives our workforce to attain the required bottom-line – Clients’ Satisfaction, which positions BEULAH Media Limited as a spot-on center for information on corporate and individual development with diverse countries’ economic, trade and investment opportunities, on our below commitments.

Consistency: value-added services.
Efficiency: first-class business, the first-class way.
Integrity: services rendered efficiently, authentically, and genuinely.
Loyalty: committed; come what may.
Possibility: dogged, will hold sway.