About Us

BEULAH MEDIA Limited - is an American multinational technology corporation saddled with the business between sub-educative information networking and certified interactive e-learning career support services with its operations geared toward professional development and shared communication management for diverse groups, industries, and individuals on a mandate to inform, educate, and connect the world’s formal and informal sector to discovering diverse potentials through our online platforms that include:


BEULAH MEDIA is a corporation fostering industry and personal development for the developed and developing world with a structure to improve on corporations as well as individual outputs both on small- and large-scale levels. At Beulah Media we ensure that prospective individuals, entrepreneurs, captains of industries, pertinent government departments, ministries, commissions, regulatory processes, investors etc.
Delivers just-in-time quality output to the public or their users at large, within the competitive and ever-evolving corporate world.
Proffering a global online database technology to best manage communications irrespective of cultural differences, distances or non-relations.

Our corporate head office is located at the 7 World Trade Centre, New York – NY USA (North America) while our Information Technology Development Centre [ITDC] is currently located in Africa with other operations networking office in Europe and Australia.

Note From The Administrator

Festus A. Otabor

Administrator/Product Manager

Goals:As a company, we have discovered that while we enthusiastically pursue our goals, we often forget to momentarily hold our breath in critically examining our objectives, reviewing and cleaning up parts and pieces in them.

Pondering on these words – “It is good to have an end in a journey, but the journey also matters a lot in the end”, we realized that undertaking this corporate journey with our respective team of experts was not by chance as we knew what we were trying to deliver from the onset.

Gabrielle Bonheur of ‘Coco Chanel’ said: “if you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” We could not but allow our wings of expertise to grow while we savor future possibilities of using them to fly above our corporate goal. The Launch of our global user-platform is a ‘test of the waters’ to fly our corporate wings into expanding privileges for wider mileages to respective individuals, businesses, and corporate entities.

In our efforts to help drive transformations in developments and to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable, and more inclusive world for everyone to get recognized, where user-interests is given utmost priority, we remain focused on delivering exceptional service to our clients/users/patrons and even teams as a focal point of our corporate GOAL.



To become a one-stop-shop on strategic Industries development for diverse countries, corporations, and individual development.


To establish positive landmark opportunities while connecting people of diverse backgrounds and cultures with one another and developing individuals on diverse industry sectors for developed, developing, and underdeveloped nations.


Our passion is to exploit the full gamut of promoting industry development and social engagement at the individual, corporate and national levels.


Led by a group of seasoned business executives and experienced management team, BeulahMedia Limited strategically networks its operation through designating highly skilled capacities in the legal, financial, technical, managerial, commercial, and didactic facets of all its daily proceeding. This array of professionalism prides the company's output in excellence.


To positively contribute toward advancing diverse industry sectors in various countries of interest through our multinational e-media hub, researched data application and professional backup support for enhancing productivity levels in delivering respective individual, corporate and national goals.



Beulah Media actively engages in constructive dialogue with stakeholders to learn what is most important to them and to help the company prioritize issues and take action where appropriate. These stakeholders include employees, customers, stockholders, business partners and suppliers, as well as society at large (governments, regulatory authorities, nongovernmental organizations, industry groups and multilateral organizations).



Our corporate operations networking center being in the city with the 2nd highest globally estimated GDP of $1.5 billion (New York) in a country with diverse possibilities and global authority – the United States of America, and other active liaison network centers established in significant nations that virtually possess some level of power within the continent, gives us some strong leverage as an authority in the industry we serve. However, we also enable a working environment that supports excellent business development built on a healthy relationship that transcends the labor market.


BML proffer exceptional solutions that add socio-economic value to individuals, corporations, and brands.


BML stimulates a team-spirit working relationship over our business engagements.

Our Products

Led by a group of seasoned business executives and an experienced management team, BML is saddled with the responsibility to proffer its services through these product lines:



An online certification and interactive learning platform that improves the career prospect of both intending and existing Agile professionals.

We focus on getting individuals and teams Agile Savvy & Certified while increasing productivity levels, availing openings for practical learning experiences, building better leaders, and enable timely access to our Agile Professional network.
Today’s organizations seek unmatched high-end productive employees who will deliver just-in-time-quality-value for their organization.

AGILE MASTERS offers Agile Master Certified, Scrum Master Certified, Product Owner Certified and Scrum Developer Certified training programs. The registrant gains cutting edge prowess upon certification and positions themselves as first choice for employment or professional development.


NAMES LEXICON.com is a human researched data platform designed for the curious to find uniqueness in names; their pronunciation, origin, meaning, and personality traits.

This platform offers individuals a social networking experience where namesakes get connected to explore similarities, celebrate differences, and plan virtual hangouts while making the world a better place.
We believe some individuals may take exceptions to their discoveries. Names Lexicon ensures that this publicly accessible platform features human verified information analyzed over time to guide and enable different public and private individuals as well as formal or informal institutions.

Thus, Names Lexicon is designed for the curious relative, friend, acquaintance, or colleague to find out how names affect individual personalities and productivity.



Our ethics are drawn from a working environment with high standard morals and motivation that drives our workforce to attain the required bottom-line – Stakeholders and Clients Satisfaction.

Consistency: value-added services.
Efficiency: first-class business, the first-class way.
Integrity: services rendered efficiently, authentically, and genuinely.
Loyalty: committed; come what may.
Possibility: dogged, will hold sway.