About Us

Welcome to BEULAH MEDIA – a premier solution expert dedicated to bringing tech dreams into reality.
Over the years, BEULAH MEDIA has been a beacon of inspiration, driven by Agile practices and successful execution of technology related projects for esteemed partners like Names Lexicon Inc | Agile Masters Inc. | Restscene Inc. and host of others. Our core belief is in transforming aspirations into tangible solutions, embracing modern era of digitization, and adding value to innovative ideas toward making them a reality.

At BEULAH MEDIA our specialization lies in assembling dynamic teams for digital projects [Web/Mobile Applications Development] and delivering them within agreed-upon timelines. Whether it's a 6-month | 12-month | 18-month | 24-month or continuously retained lifetime project, we are committed to working diligently within every specified time frame. Thus, BEULAH excels in operating with standard Scrum Development Teams to implement diverse project incrementally and professionally, conducting monthly sprint reviews to update our valued clients and stakeholders respective.
Our commitment does not stop there. BEULAH MEDIA goes the extra mile toward creating corporate brand portfolios for its clients’ individual products for best representations of the product’s corporate identity to global standards, as these further include developing related explainer videos, brand collaterals and marketing assets that best represent the product's authentic value.

Searching for a perfect partner to bringing tech dreams into reality? Think BEULAH MEDIA.


BEULAH MEDIA – First incorporated on the 5th day of August 2010 in Africa –as a Private Company Limited by Shares, was on January 3rd, 2017, incorporated with the America Delaware Secretary of States as a corporation, on similar share capital base.

The Company currently operating from its World Trade Center– New York office, presently hold portfolios with equity shares in several tech-development companies to which it facilitates evident areas of their growth and developments as these include Names Lexicon Inc | Agile Masters Inc. | Restscene Inc. among others it prospectively envisages to acquire in its portfolio.

As a corporation dedicated to foster growth and development towards empowering prospective entrepreneurs | captains of industries | pertinent government bodies | potential investors in delivering innovative technology solutions that meet needs of their competitive and ever-evolving corporate landscape, BEULAH MEDIA major operation structure is designed and consigned to provide development solutions for these Individuals, Organizations, Brands, and Businesses as these include–

# Product Briefs | Roadmaps | Backlogs | Prototypes Development: This service delivers strategically designed plans tailored to our clients' goal and objectives for each project towards guiding the entire product development process.

# Technology Development: Our Designated Scrum Engineering Teams meticulously overseesdevelopment processes of individual projects, adhering to the laid-down backlogs and prototypes. While periodic review meetings get scheduled at end of each monthly sprints, to ensure alignments with respective stakeholders’ expectations, at every stage.

# Product Brand Development: BEULAH MEDIA places a strong emphasis on branding of each product that relates to its operation. Hence, ensuring its Media Team strategically generates well-represented digital representations of global standard designs for each respective developing products in structures of the Corporate Brand Identity, Explainer Videos, Brand Collaterals and Marketing Assets that consists of Digital Product Brochures | Graphic Image Representations | Montage Videos.

Note From The Administration

Festus A. Otabor

Executive Director

Goals: As a company, we understand while enthusiastically pursuing corporate goals, we often forget to momentarily hold our breath in critically examining objectives and reviewing all parts and pieces in them, recurrently.

Pondering on these words– “It is good to have an end in a journey, but the journey also matters a lot in the end”, as we realized that undertaking this corporate journey with our respective partners and team of experts is not by chance –we knew all we are trying to deliver from the onset, and what we have toward bringing it all to fruition.

Gabrielle Bonheur of ‘Coco Chanel’ said: “if you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” We cannot but allow our wings of expertise to grow while we savor future possibilities of exploring them to achieve even greater heights in our corporate goals. The developments of our current portfolios thus far are a ‘test of the waters’ to fly our corporate wings into expanding privileges for wider mileages to other respective corporate organizations, brands, and businesses.

In our efforts to help drive strategic transformation and to cultivate a healthier | more sustainable | more inclusive world to get better recognized [a system where user-interests is given utmost priority], we remain focused on delivering exceptional services to our partners |clients |users |patrons and even teams as a focal point of our corporate GOAL.



"To empower individuals and organizations in technology related projects toward achieving sustainable growth and success through cutting-edge strategies, innovative solutions, and transformative partnerships.

Hence, becoming the most trusted and valued technology industry development authority, driving innovation, fostering digital transformation, and enabling clients to seize opportunities and overcome challenges in this rapidly evolving digital era; turning visionary ideas into tangible reality.


"To provide exceptional technology industry development partnerships that enable our clients thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape, as we commit to deliver innovative solutions and expert guidance to support businesses in leveraging emerging technologies, optimize processes, and drive digital transformation.

Thus, our deep industry expertise, strategic insights, and collaborative approach empower organizations to stay ahead of the curve, embrace change, and achieve sustainable growth and success in the technology sector."


"To exploit the gamut of implementation strategies in promoting industry development and unlock the full potential of technology in the industry.

“Our drive comes from witnessing the transformative power of innovative solutions and digital advancements, as we believe in the endless possibilities of technology to drive growth, enhance productivity, and create meaningful change, as our unwavering passion fuels us to explore new frontiers, challenge industry norms, and empower organizations to embrace digital disruption with confidence”.

Thus, we are committed to building trusted partnerships, delivering exceptional results, and ultimately, contributing to the advancement and success of our clients and the technology industry as a whole."


Led by a group of seasoned business executives, experienced management teams with highly skilled professionals, BEULAH MEDIA strategically network its operations to deliver extreme professionalism through its Deep expertise | Collaborative approach | Market intelligence | Results-oriented drive | Flexibility and adaptability | Ethical and responsible practices | Strong network and partnerships | Continuous learning and improvement | Customer-centric approach | Agility and nimbleness in all facets its daily proceedings. This array of competence prides the company's output in excellence.


1. Deliver tailored technology industry development strategies to enhance operational efficiency, agility, and competitiveness for our clients.

2. Provide comprehensive market assets with analysis that identify emerging trends, technologies, and growth opportunities within the technology industry.

3. Offer expert guidance and support in implementing digital transformation initiatives, leveraging the latest tech solutions to optimize business processes and drive innovation.

4. Collaborate with clients to develop and execute strategic plans that align with their long-term business objectives, ensuring sustainable growth and profitability.

5. Build strong industry partnerships and networks to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, and continuously expand our expertise and offerings.

6. Provide ongoing support and consultation to help clients navigate challenges, mitigate risks, and adapt to evolving market dynamics.

7. Promote diversity, inclusion, and ethical practices within the technology industry, and working towards creating a more sustainable and responsible digital ecosystem.

8. Measure and evaluate the impact of our partnership services, continuously improving our methodologies and approaches to deliver exceptional value for our clients.

9. Foster a collaborative, innovative, and inclusive work environment, attracting and retaining top talent in the technology industry to drive our company's success.

10. Contribute to the technology community through knowledge sharing, thought leadership, and active participation in industry events and forums.


As part of our continuous commitment to various nations’ industry development, we believe that giving back in the direction of empowering communities will equip and enhance workforce productivity in diverse industry sector, thereby improving the quality of services or deliverables with a multiplier effect on social and behavioral values aimed at transforming both young and advanced minds within various groups.

Thus, with proven statistics of successes from industries that adopts Agile, and the upturn of corporations transitioning from the traditional ways of developing projects to Agile Practices, while today’s highly competitive and ever-evolving job space sporadically requires similar expertise, BEULAH MEDIA is currently committed to direct its Corporate Social Responsibilities towards making meaningful contributions to offering Scholarships that gets pertinent youths/interns, college graduands, and the respective corporate workforce AGILE savvy.

This commitment is dedicated to improving the lives and operations in diverse workspace through the Agile transformative drive that empowers the respective target group with Free | Subsidized Scholarship Programs facilitated by agilemasters.org



BEULAH MEDIA actively involves in constructive dialogue with respective stakeholders to achieve the right brief from the founding passion of every product that relates to its operations, learn which strategies are most important to them, help their organization prioritize the product launch and take necessary actions where appropriate in the diverse product development life cycle. These stakeholder ranges from founders | executives | directors | employees | users | stockholders | business partners | suppliers | as well as society at large [governments, regulatory authorities, non-governmental organizations, industry groups, and multilateral organizations].



BEULAH MEDIA corporate head operation is strategically networked from a location known as global center of technological innovation and headquarters for the world’s largest technology companies which serves as home to the most tech minds for decades, high-tech research institutes | corporate R&D laboratories, and the largest concentration of venture capitalist with an estimated GDP of about $400 billion– Silicon Valley– San Jose, California.

Amongst others, our main client service center is located at the One World Trade Center, New York– NY, all in a country with diverse possibilities and global authority– the United States of America. Hence, other active liaison network centers of the company get established in significant nations that virtually possess some level of skills and opportunities within different continent, which gives us some leverage as an authority in the industry we serve.

Hence, BEULAH MEDIA enables a working environment that supports excellent business development built on a healthy relationship that transcends any labor market.


BEULAH MEDIA proffers exceptional solutions that add socio-economic value to individuals | corporations | brands.


BEULAH MEDIA stimulates a team-spirit working relationship over our business engagements.


BEULAH MEDIA key contributors to success are its Partners.

We collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders including technology companies, innovators, startups, and industry experts to drive development and foster innovation.

Through these partnerships, we fuel digital transformation, facilitate key industry advancements, and unlock new possibilities in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Our partners bring distinctive expertise, allowing us to provide comprehensive services encompassing technology strategy, product development, market research, and implementation support.

"At BEULAH MEDIA we are committed to maintaining and nurturing partnerships, fostering an environment of shared growth and continuous learning, as we are proud to work alongside our esteemed partners, whose passion and dedication align with our beliefs and values. Collectively, we strive to redefine what's possible in the technology industry and work towards a more connected and inclusive world."



A fourth industrial revolution change catalyst that is saddled with an e-Training and interactive learning platform dedicated toward empowering/ enhancing career prospects and corporate productivity for Individuals | Teams | Management | Corporate Executives with Agile Expertise.

AGILE MASTERS provides transformative solutions to improving career prospects for prospective Agile Professionals and Organizations towards embracing agility, build better leaders and heighten efficiencies in driving diverse industry growth and development.

As in today’s rapidly evolving corporate landscape, industries across the globe get faced with diverse pressing challenge– rigid processes, slow response to change, lack of corporate collaboration or transparency | motivation | empowerment | visibility | unclear priorities with scope creep and difficulties in adapting to client or public needs.

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Our ethics are drawn from a working environment with high standard morals and motivation that drives our workforce to attain the required bottom-line – Clients’ Satisfaction and Stakeholders' Happiness.

Consistency: value-added services.
Efficiency: first-class business, the first-class way.
Integrity: services rendered efficiently, authentically, and genuinely.
Loyalty: committed; come what may.
Possibility: dogged, will hold sway.